OSU Wrestling: The Cowboys Edge Iowa State 16-15

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Boo Lewallen’s major ends up being the difference.

Well it’s a win.we knew this weekend would be tuff.

I enjoyed the closeness of the dual, tested our guys. For the sake of improving by going up against good competition, and also for the benefit of the Big 12 I enjoy the fact that Iowa St is returning to be one of the powerhouses of the conference. Nice to see Montalvo is back but I wonder how much his injury and that brace interfered with how he wrestled his match. I also have to say tonight’s ESPN+ announcers were the worst sports broadcasters I ever heard. Especially the older guy who was trying to add some color commentary. It seemed that he was not that knowledgeable about the sport. And the sound of his voice annoyed me. And he seemed clueless that 2 Cowboys were wrestling today for the first time this season. But I feel like Iowa State should be given an award for having the worse looking wrestling uniforms. That design on the gold gave me a headache. Does John Smith no longer have his weekly radio show?

So is Fix eligible the 1st … we sure aren’t strong at the lower weights

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