OSU Wrestling: Why Daton Fix Should Never Be a Villain

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‘I’m a person just like everybody else.’

Proud that he is and will always be a COWBOY. He might not have won a championship but he was a warrior and great ambassador for OSU. He will accomplish great things in life outside of wrestling. Wish him the best in all his future endeavors!!


What an outstanding young man. Proud that he is a fellow Cowboy.

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Cowboy to the core! Daton is a legend.

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Take your orange colored glasses off for a minute, and it is easy to see why other teams’ fans view Fix as a villain. For one, he was suspended a year for using banned substances. That fact has tarnished his legacy. Second, he wrestles a very boring style. Fix is definitely content to win a match 1-0 or 2-1. Third, in this tournament, he was on the receiving end of several replay call reversals. I’m not saying any of that makes him a bad person (even though using the banned substances is a black mark), but if he were from Iowa, Cowboy fans would boo him, too.

I watched all of his matches in the NCAA tourney and yes a lot of them were close but at least two of those he was the clear aggressor, one match he had over half a dozen take down attempts vs his opponents zero attempts. He also had a couple legit take downs that were taken away by the ref’s. Some of your observations have some merit but based on what I saw I don’t agree with your take overall.

Fix’s matches are usually only close and low scoring when he’s been up against really good toopponents. He then becomes too cautious and lacks offense. Just the opposite of how John Smith wrestled.

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Why should we care what lousy Iowa fans are doing? Wrestling fans tend to not boo, but leave it to the people w/ crappy food to take it there.

It’s ironic that cautious style has been the hallmark of many of Smith’s better wrestlers over the years.

Crappy food? Dude, there are so many more valid reasons to not like Iowa wrestling fans than food. What does that even mean? “Wrestling fans tend to not boo.” Lol. You must not have ever been to a dual in Gallagher if you think that’s the case.

I wish Fix all the best, he is a great person, and proud he is a fellow Cowboy!

I attended all his matches in KC, and the crowd behavior was pathetic when he wrestled!

I’m looking for the day as OSU wrestling continues to get better and the better, the fans from Cornell, Iowa, Michigan, and Penn State can all take a flying leap…

Of course, you don’t. You are an OSU fan. No one is really objective about their own school. Did you watch the quarters and semis? Fix didn’t score an offensive point. Didn’t really come close to scoring. I’ve known Daton since he was a kid and know his family. I’m certainly not knocking the guy–he’s an all-time great, but I can see why rival schools boo him. I’ve seen OSU fans boo guys from OU and Iowa, even Oklahoma kids like Fix, because they wrestled for other schools. That’s a fun part of college athletics. I certainly never minded getting booed when I was wrestling in college. I rather enjoyed it. Let’s not act like it’s some great affront that an OSU guy gets booed.

  1. Yea I am an OSU fan. 2. Grew up in Oklahoma and participated in HS wrestling so I know a little about the sport. 3. Believe it or not I am a critical thinker and can be objective about things that I care about. 4. My comment/point had nothing to do with scoring points.

I’ve been to plenty of duals in GIA and been to nationals a few times. The booing didn’t occur at GIA, did it? The remark about food in Iowa is related to a FB page.

Good thing he never criticizes his guys who aren’t aggressive…oh wait.