OSU's 2019 Attendance Average Would Rank Third among Pac-12 Schools

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OSU outshines much of the Pac-12 in a lot of areas.

USC only averaging 59,000 is sad in that market.

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The pac 12 act like there an elite conference because they have the most water polo championship. But, their just a bunch of ex hippies wanting to be self righteous.
Look at there bell cow usc. Had the bush deal the last time they were relevant. The latest was the Laughlin buying there way in. It did involved sports since she supposedly was on the crew team. They play in a dilapidated coliseum.

Curious to see how that compares to schools in the BIG 10 and ACC.

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U real dnt want to know lol.
We r 35 in the nation.
8th in big 10
7th in acc. But real close to 5 and 6

Not too bad lol

Since the big 10 has 3 teams that get 100000