OSU's 2021 Recruiting Class Makes Move up Rankings on Signing Day

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This class ranks as one of Gundy’s best on a per-player rating average.

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We may go down national a lil. But there aren’t alot of high recruits left so there # will go down. The 3 that could catch us need alot of recruits.

“The 86.32 per-player average in the 2021 class is second-best among all OSU classes since 2005 behind only 2018, a class that featured four-stars CJ Moore and Spencer Sanders as well as highly regarded three-star prospects in Sean Michael Flanagan, Jonathan Shepherd and Bryce Bray.”

So you’re saying we can expect 2 of the top 5 to be gone in 2 years. Typical

Just as quick as you can write the story and the per-player average starts to fall.

Yeah and Sanders sucks so 2 will be gone and then one will cost us two seasons of going to a conference championship game.

Why don’t you guys just save time and post standard Grundy sucks response #1 or #2 or #3. It will save you time and we pretty much know what you’re going to say anyway… Just a thought…



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“How can I word it so it doesn’t make this recruiting class sound terrible”?

“…per-player rating average”.

Looking at the recruits who signed versus the great talent that is not returning next season.
That is why I cannot share Gundy’s excitement for this recruiting class. I don’t recall any OSU football team ever having as many key injuries as this team had this season. I need Cowboy wrestling to start so I can get out from under the dark cloud of the football season. I was hoping that Cowboy basketball would lift the mood but after seeing the conference opening game I can that is not going to happen.

Those great players didnt look that great 4 or 5 yrs ago.
U have to let this grow and blossom.

Same ole same ole…mediocre coach/recruiting. 3 star coach at best. I mean c’mon, top 10 paid coach with top 10 facilities and 35th in recruiting.

Ur talking about ur writing.

They take the low hanging fruit and are simply too darn lazy to go after the difference makers that can win championships. If ever expectations and accountibility were ramped up those coaches would have to deliver the goods or suffer the consequences. It’s that simple!

Go on a recruiting site it tells u who they offer. U will see he does make offers to them.

It’s easy to make the sales call…
It’s another thing to close the deal…

I was pointing out that he does offer. Which many believes he doesn’t. By making the sell I’m not getting into the thousand variables.

There are only two variables.
Close the deal or lose out.

Mediocre recruiting classes are and have been acceptable for far too long …

U one of them. Don’t believe in monsters and blue bloods.
One of them that believes that Stillwater is the garden of eden and if it wasnt for Gundy we would be in the land of milk and honey​:fairy:‍♀:crazy_face::upside_down_face::cowboy_hat_face:

It’s obvious you are a Gundy apologist.

I am happy for you…

U do know Gundy doesn’t coach at all 8 non blue blood schools. Its doesn’t matter if I like Gundy or not. Reality is only way to get a team of 4 stars is to be a blue blood. I know this is difficult for u to understand. Yes its easier to blame Gundy for not catch the unicorn or using fairy dust, may be he can rub a lamp