OSU's POSSE Star Fund to Disperse $5,980 Annually to all Scholarship Athletes

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The announcement comes on the heels of the Supreme Court decision in the Alston v. NCAA case.


What Coach Tom Osborne at Nebraska suggested decades ago, “laundry money” since it’s very difficult for a lot of college athletes to get a part-time job and with that summer gigs as well.

I think this amount should be used instead of the NIL, because the NIL, or whatever it is called, is nothing but a bribe which allows a recruit to choose a school based on who is stuffing the bag of money the most, like Kansas, Texas, etc. Get rid of NIL and just use this less than $6,000 as bait. Why could they not just round it up to an even 6 grand?
This money will help guys on the wrestling team who usually only have small partial scholarships.
Donors stepping up, great news. There probably will never be another T. Boone donor.


Years ago when they started talk about money, I thought this kind of deal was what was meant.

Those schools have been stuffing the pockets of the Parents and athletes for years. That’s how they have been able to bring in the best possible recruits. If they admit it or not. Just look at any of the blue bloods. They all do well except Texas. They are just idiots down there.

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NIL has players following the money.

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And to be clear, those posse donations are mandatory. We’ll if you want to buy season tickets for a sport.

Bla bla bla. Nothing will change in recruiting. The same schools will get the best players.

We will still be 3 star U under this regime.

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Blah blah blah so ole Jeff ignorant comments till he passes out.

How many scholarship athletes does OSU have? 300? 300 would total about 1.8M. I guess every school will follow suit to keep up with the Jones….

And? I’ll take a hungry, hand-working, humble 3 star any day over an entitled 5 like UT’s been getting over the years. UT Austin, where 5-star recruits go to become 2s and 3s, LOL.