OSU's Troubling Track Record of Landing, then Losing, Star Linebacker Recruits

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It’s only recent, but it’s nonetheless anxiety-inducing.

I’m glad Draper decommited … he was highly overrated. Had a redshirt year with the goons and still wasn’t in the two deep

We don’t need this kind of negative energy on this site…even if it’s true.

I’m all for being negative and hating on Gundy’s recruiting record, but this article just didn’t feel necessary to me, right after a good commitment.

I guess I don’t really understand why this article is even on this website? No benefit to PFB or to the OSU program as a whole. I realize you don’t represent the program, but it is a website for fans of the program. The timing of it is really odd also. Just comes across like, ‘Hey, we’ve got this really good recruit, let’s see what we can do to try and talk him into going somewhere else!’

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No, the point is be really hyped up when this kid signs because typically we don’t get a kid like this!!! IMO.

Then write the article after he actually signs and actually put that spin on it instead of the one that comes across in this article.

Yes because let’s spin the reality that we’ve not been great with LB recruits into one that we’ve been great and make it clear we don’t know what we’re talking about

Lol, not what I said, but ok.