OSU's Wrestling Locker Room to Receive $1 Million Upgrade

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The 34-time national champs are getting an upgrade.

Long overdue

Great news.

Surprising to see some donor dropping a million bucks on the wrestling program considering the Cowboys have not been dominant on the national level for many years now. Coach Smith a few years ago even stated that we are no longer the dominant team in college wrestling. I’m not sure what it would take for OSU to get back to the top of the sport but until that happens I don’t see someone coming along to donate the 10 million bucks that Mike Holder said it would cost for the facility that he wanted to build for the wrestling program.
I think about former Cowboy wrestlers who might have mega bucks in their pockets by now and only one possibility comes to mind. Goeff Baum, originally from Allentown, PA was a NCAA champion when I was at OSU and he went on to become a surgeon so I assume he has quite a nest egg built up. It would take some guys like that with big pockets wanting to be big time boosters to get that facility built. I don’t see any problem with continuing to hold matches in Gallagher-Iba, especially with the great tradition in that building. But other schools now have separate wrestling buildings to dazzle their recruits so OSU is forced to keep up with them.