OU Basketball Coach Lon Kruger to Retire

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Stunning news from Norman.

Kind of a short piece but I guess it’s an ou coach.

Hopefully they hire a train wreck coach.

Hope they get Travis Ford

Could the Sooners come after Boynton?

Then we could get the oru or abilene guy

Lon is an excellent coach and will be missed by the Gooners.

Could Tom Herman coach basketball? There’s the train-wreck that you asked for. :joy:

Sherri Coale also retired. Gotta be pretty rare for a school to lose men’s and women’s head hoops coaches simultaneously. Only in Norman…

I’d be hesitant on Paul Mills. He’s had 3 real bad years up there, and this is his 4th. He’s done incredible things with them this year, but he’s got in my opinion one of the best scoring guards in America and a dominant postman playing for him this year, and either were huge recruits. That Abmas kid is unstoppable regardless of plays or defenses, he just jacks everything from way out and usually hits it. Kinda like Steph at Davidson. Without him Mills has been unable to do anything there.

I’ve met Lon twice. One of the absolute nicest guys you could ever meet, and he acted like he and I were on the same level, almost like neighbors. Super friendly. Glad to see him gone since we won’t have to play against him, but I hope he enjoys his retirement and relaxation, the guy deserves it.


U r talking about oru. All that would be happening is skipping tulsa.
Be at a school u have to know how to find players and coach what u end up with. Thats the whole point, end up with.
Maybe he is not a coach maybe he is the next bill self.
U also forgot to mention he is above 500 in league won a league tournament. Has improved his record in conference and over all.
But growth may not mean anything