OU-Baylor Hate Watch

Not going to happen anyway if they can’t make some of these big plays

I saw it said somewhere recently (sorry if it was on here or PFB) but can’t remember where. OU claims we aren’t a rivalry, but they always step up their game and have a super solid performance against us every year. Looking back, you could argue one of the best games they play each year. (Now let the Gundy hate flow)

The fact that fans are generally quite obnoxious recently is evidence that we certainly are a rival.

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Guess it is to much to hope for, but would be nice if Wisconsin were to get in at the expense of OU. Then both of us getting left out of the playoffs/championship might lead to playoff changes.

As usual, none of the wonderful desirable outcomes materialized…in any of the CCGs.


OU being sponsored by Jordan brand and the coaching staff wearing Jordan 1 lows is such a slap to the face and I love it. I hope Jordan keeps disrespecting the clowns down in Norman.