OU Opens as 14-Point Favorite Over Oklahoma State in Bedlam 2019

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The Cowboys will be two TD dogs in their home building.

I think this is about right. They’re probably two TDs better than us. Only way we win is a monster game from Chuba, win the TO battle, and a big time red zone stop or two.

Not surprising.

2015 I think with Rudolph it woulda been a good game but Walsh didnt have the arm to beat them. We also had pick 6 and fumble and gave up a kickoff return for a TD in 2015. With healthy Spencer and Tylan I think this is a 7 point line. Unfortunately both are hurt.

Not enough, IMO.

This line screams that Vegas is completely aware of Gundy’s inability to coach bedlam games. To have almost the same line as TCU did last week in Norman can only be explained that way.

How is this years line only 3 points smaller than last year’s?! Wild.

The 2015 line was only a touchdown because OSU was 10-1 and it was in Stillwater. I think the winner of that game won the conference, right? Might be wrong. Either way, I feel great about our chances at covering. Not great at all about our chances of winning.

I completely agree with the Rudolph statement, but for the sake of argument; Mason is the one who threw that pick 6, lol. On the bright side, he was 1-1 for a touchdown in that game!

Turnovers are our only chance. I think it doesn’t bode well that Hurts had so many turnovers last week though, they’ll be doing everything they can to make sure he doesn’t do that again. I see us running the ball almost exclusively and letting 15-20 seconds run off the clock between every snap. Still probably lose a close one though. It’ll be won or lost on our O-line and defense.

oSUgrad…MR had broken his foot the week before against Baylor. Should have never been put in the game. The +7 was due to Gundy keeping the injury a secret until game time. If Vegas had known the line would have been a lot different.