OU, Texas Have Reportedly Reached out to SEC about Joining League

The problem is, we would be the one dissolving.

You might want to take another look at SMU. They’ve steadily improved their football product since they hired Dykes, and lately their recruiting has been better than ours. They have a 4 star freshman QB (plus an ex-OU QB transfer), and recently received 2022 commitments from a two highly rated Dallas area players (5 star and 4 star). Ex-OSU WR Rashaad Samples is leading SMU’s Dallas area recruiting efforts with strong results to date, which should only improve with the new NIL regulations. Lots of available endorsement opportunities in the Dallas area. I think the Big 12 should jump all over SMU and Houston.

This just a money or power grab for ou and Texas.
I dnot think any sec team want to make football any tuffer. And to be honest Texas shouldn’t even think about. Going to the sec will not help their recruiting. Winning will help keep recruits they are losing.
Ou enjoys winning they can’t beat the sec best year after year.

I don’t know enough about SMU but I always thought Houston might be a good fit for the Big 12. And Arkansas because of past accomplishments, regional location, potential to improve in football and basketball. Good in baseball and track.

I like the idea of Arizona and Arizona State to the Big 12. It would be horrible for travel for all schools and that is a legit deal breaker. But those are two good schools. I used to live in Arizona for awhile and became a Sun Devil fan so I am for them coming aboard. Not sure the PAC 12 wants to let anyone go.

It’s a win/win for the parties involved (my two cents):
SEC: they get a blue blood and would have the two largest Texas schools in their conference. They’re now a super conference.
ESPN: No more Big 12 means money saved and can put more resources into their partnership with the SEC.
OU and Texas: Probably more money and prestige. Not to mention security for Texas considering my belief that ESPN is done with that failure called the Longhorn Network.
East: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt
West: Arkansas, LSU, Mississippi State, Missouri, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Texas, Texas A&M
Pure speculation at this point, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it happens.

Who are these “powers that be”? It dang sure isn’t the SEC commissioner, or representatives from either OU or Texas.

Back when the last scare, the state of oklahoma " powers that be" made it clear they wanted the 2 universities to stay in the same conference.

If this happens, we can say good bye to the power 5.

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Back to reality in big basketball news we r going to play oru next year. Oh yea we officially sign cisse.

If you want Gundy to ever win in this new conference, you better forget teams like SMU and Houston and start looking at North Texas, Rice and Tulsa.

Agreed. Probably would end up in the American.

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If ou splits does that mean u will be leaving too.
No reason to troll us with both in different conferences.


And if OU joins SEC, the Sooners become “ar2”.

ar2 would be impossible, Sooners are people coming in to Oklahoma early and illegally. My family was already here.

It’s really fun to talk about realignment, but this is legit frightening stuff for OSU if true. There are no great candidates to add to the big 12 that would consider joining (maybe BYU, but that’s about it).

Everyone talking about adding Nebraska and Arkansas needs to put down the crack pipe. Would it make sense for those schools to join from a competitive or geographic standpoint? Sure. But it would be a huge setback in prestige and most of all, MONEY. Think about it. Would you leave a high paying job at a prestigious company to take lower paying job at a struggling company? Why would you do that? They might even make you president, but you’d have less money in your pocket and a less stable future. You can’t realistically do that to yourself, especially if you have a family to support, and in college sports, football feeds the family.

As far as adding schools, I’m not a fan of adding schools like SMU and Houston. The Big 12 already has Tech, TCU, and Baylor. Adding UH and SMU would help those schools more than it would help the conference and make recruiting harder in Texas. If we lose OU and UT it’s going to be hard enough to recruit Texas without voluntarily making SMU and UH competitive peers. To say nothing of the fact that UT leaving would officially make the state of Texas SEC country in terms of big time college football. Everyone already recruits Texas hard, but now you’ll have people like Ole Miss coming in and telling kids they’ll be playing within driving distance of Momma 2-3 times a year at least.

BYU has the high maintenance, holier-than-thou reputation, but they probably have the largest fan base of any unaligned school out there now. Boise is the big fish in Idaho, but Idaho’s a very small pond (less than half the population of Oklahoma). Having said that, think you have to focus on expanding footprint with schools like BYU, Boise, UCF, maybe Cincinnati. The sad part is that other than BYU and Boise, you’re looking at schools that are mostly third- or fourth-fiddle in their home states. Someone mentioned earlier that “Houston gets you South Texas” and “Memphis gets you Tennessee”. I don’t think that’s the case. I don’t think those schools even get you most of the fan support in Houston and Memphis, much less the rest of their states. But that’s the cast of characters we’d be looking at in the replacement pool.

I really hope and pray the OU-OSU package agreement is a real thing because it’s the only thing that could probably keep OU from leaving if they have a real opportunity. I’d honestly hate to join the SEC or PAC-12, but I also don’t think the Big 12 is a viable “Power 5” conference without OU and UT.


None of the replacements that the Big 12 has an actual chance of getting will come close to filling the void of OU and Texas. I think the Big 12 as a power conference is dead in the water without those 2. I do think OSU is one of the better positioned schools in the Big 12 if anything happens at least. KSU, Baylor, and TCU are pretty much SOL I think. KU and ISU I think have an opportunity with the Big 10. OSU could potentially sneak into any other power conference, especially if we really are attached to OU at the hip.

Using athletic revenue as a proxy for fan support/interest, here’s your list of top non-power 5 candidates based on 2019 figures:

52 UConn $81M
53 Houston $75M
55 UCF $69M
56 Cincinnati $69M
57 Air Force $60M
58 East Carolina $60M
59 Colorado St. $56M
60 Memphis $56M
61 USF $55M
62 San Diego St $55M
63 James Madison (!?!?) $53M
64 UNLV $51M
65 Boise St $51M
66 Fresno St $50M
67 UMass $49M

Notes: For reference, OSU ranks 45th on this list with athletic revenue of $95M, in the neighborhood of schools like Virginia Tech, Texas Tech, NC State, Iowa State and Colorado.

I didn’t skip #54 on the list, that would be Washington State. They’re the lowest ranked Power 5 school with about $72M in athletic revenue.

Notre Dame and BYU weren’t on the list I used for reference (from USA Today). I’m assuming it has to do with their independent status.

Some people have mentioned adding North Dakota State. They’re a respectable football program and it’s a fun idea that no doubt puts a scare into K-State fans. Scratch the surface though and you learn that they have athletic revenues of about $12M against expenditures of $25M, play in a small domed stadium owned by the city of Fargo that only seats 18,700, and the school’s enrollment is only about 13K. Also, the entire population of North Dakota (779,000) is substantially smaller than the Tulsa metro area. Yikes.

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If the Big XII stayed around and you lost OU/Texas then you add Houston, SMU, Cincinnati and Memphis. That makes you a fringe P5 in football and the best basketball conference.

My point is Oklahoma would assimilate to the SEC much like Arkansas.