OU, Texas Have Reportedly Reached out to SEC about Joining League

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Oh my.

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Let me know. I would happily report to Norman and help Zero U pack their crap.

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Would be the only way Gundy could win the conference.


With what Texas has put on the field in the last ten years, one might think the SEC wouldn’t want them.


If it happens OSU better join suit or go to big 10. Would be the death nail to everything the last 10 years.

Would also be the end of OU winning championships.


If it happens and they made me Big 12 Commissioner for a day, I’d be inviting SMU (Dallas TV viewers), Houston (Houston TV viewers), Brigham Young and Boise State (or Tulsa).

Then I’d immediately go to work on Arkansas and A&M.

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Rumors are that. As I have seen it, the powers that be, dnt want ou and osu separated. So the state we nick this.

I say they squash college sports all together and just have minor leagues for all kids that are looking to go pro. Never thought sports should have anything to do with an educational institution anyway. It’s blowing up before our eyes. They will never be able to govern what is about to happen to college sports. People will be wishing they had the NCAA back like they always do. Americans are shoot at the hip society and frankly don’t think before they act. This whole world is falling apart.

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OU vs Mizzou for the SEC wrestling championship.


You’ll have to get bigger schools than that. A&M and Arkansas won’t leave because of the money that’s whyArkansas is still there. You have to have schools that actually bring in large revenues or you become the mountain west or conference USA. That’s why the conference has suffered since 2010. Is WVU and TCU better than what Mizzu, Nebraska and Colorado have been last 10 years? Absolutely, but they have no where near the revenue stream and the conference has suffered. If OU and Texas leave the Big12 is done unless they merge with PAC 12, you can’t lose the richest school in college Sports and a top 3 all time college football school and recover from that.

Only makes sense if OU and Texas go to SEC that either Auburn or Alabama would go east.

Not sure the SEC would want to split up the two Alabama-based schools, but know for certain the SEC would not want Georgia-Alabama-Florida in the same division (cannibalism). So, let’s assume Auburn goes east. That leaves UT and OU battling with Alabama, LSU and Texas A&M.

OU isn’t going to fare well in that scenario. And Texas is going to be relegated to the likes of Arkansas.

So, yeah, go ahead. Getcha some.

NOTE: T-sippers might want to check and see if the SEC is going to throw a flag for the “horns down” sign.

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My suggestion is based only on two Hail Marys: 1) isn’t Arkansas tired of being a doormat. Yeah, money is good, but at what cost? Razorbacks haven’t played a meaningful football game in years; and 2) A&M has a deep hatred and animosity for Austin. Do they want to jump back into that rivalry? Or does A&M jump back to Big 12 and assume the “Elephant in the Room” status that eluded them previously because of OU and Texas?

All in all, you’re correct. But I’d still like to give Norman and Austin the finger and hold things together.

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What about these schools who have fallen from the top of football. Arkansas, nebraska, Colorado may want to win at football again.
If we lose ou Texas go get 8 schools. Revenue would go up. If we can get for school like add by with those others. Then fill in with the other ones smu. That would be a good conference. Cu nu bosie ark. Houston smu byu Missouri.

I dnt see Texas or ou wanting to be equally partners with the likes of those school.
Texas is try to rebuild( yearly). How would they fair.
Even if Ala goes east ou would still be the 3rd best in the west.
But i guess like some of the lesser peeps on here say, a tuff schedule makes u a better team.

I don’t see this happening but just for fun, let’s say it does. I’m sure we could go to another conference but I like the idea of invading the SEC’s space instead. Let’s add UCF, UL, and then a combination of Houston, Memphis, Cincinnati or something. All strong FB programs, some strong in basketball, some in baseball. That regains south Texas, adds Florida, Louisiana, and Tennessee (or Ohio). Maybe even a Southern Miss and make it a 14 team. If successful, then try to steal 2 power 5 teams from somewhere to round out the 16 team conference. Maybe not the traditional names, but it does push back against the SEC.

It’s a shame this is all driven by money. I would love to see OU leave the Big 12 which would result in OSU becoming the top sports school in the conference. But the choices of additional schools seems limited. We don’t need SMU because their days of glory are long gone. BYU would be impractical because of travel but if not for that they would be a good edition. Arkansas excels in track and lately is good in basketball and I think also baseball. But I think I would add Arkansas and Houston and two other schools. Definitely not Tulsa. Without Texas and OU it will be a weak conference for sure. I think the Big 12 has waited too long to add 2 more schools. I don’t think the SEC wants to go to 16 teams so I don’t see this rumor manifesting. There just doesn’t seem to be any really good teams left in the southwest region to add to the Big 12. I hate these huge conferences like the SEC and Big 10. Colorado is not welcome back. They are good at one sport, cross country. Nebraska would be a good fit but they like the money from the Big 10 even though they have no chance to win any conference championships. Missouri also is not coming back even they too are not winning an SEC championship. They rely on winning the MAC in wrestling every season. These schools have more money now but no athletic pride.

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Cincinnati west Virginia
Kansas Kansas state
Nebraska Iowa state
Colorado boise

Osu tech
Smu tcu
Houston Baylor
Utah byu
I dnot see ou Texas leaving.
This alignment would work to make money.
And really make rivalries big.
We only play inside the division the other 5 games the schools can try and get as many wins to go bowling.
Get 12 or 14 bowls a year at 40% each school is good money. That would more then double r bowl money now.
Tv we would still be in iowa, ok, Kan and TX. We would own the mountain states. And increase r east coast.

If it all possible I agree I would too.

I think you would have to raid the pac 12. That conference seemed to be in worse shape than the big 12 previously. Maybe see if the Arizona schools want to join, USC and UCLA, then I would probably go Oregon and Stanford. That would put you at 14 teams, it would be very spread out but you could do it. You could also add Colorado and Washington if you wanted to to get to 16 to match the new SEC. all this being dependent that the PAC 12 would be willing to merge slash dissolve.