Outsider Looking In: What Exactly Does OSU Wrestling Have in AJ Ferrari?

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/outsider-looking-in-what-exactly-does-osu-wrestling-have-in-aj-ferrari/

A fun Q&A with our own Seth Duckworth.

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Sign me up for an OKState jersey with Ferrari on the back

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Wow - including Marsteller in the list. Well done to show the other side.
I am super excited to see Ferrari wrestle. I’ve never watched him on Flo before.
Also, it does look like we have a replacement for Preston Weigel as the “living Wrestlin’ Pete logo”.

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The “best recruits” part of the article appears to be skewed to more recent recruits. Is due to the lack of information of athletes in the past? I would be curious to where someone like Uetake would land on this type of list if rankings/hype from his time is anywhere near where it is now. (@seth)


It’s hard to say because Roderick was trusting his connection in Japan for Uetake. If I remember the story right, they sent someone else but before they could get to OSU someone on the east coast convinced them to enroll elsewhere. When Roderick called about it he was promised someone even better by way of apology.

Alan Fried is one that stands out older who would have been a huge recruit.

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We thought it best to just use modern era guys since recruiting rankings and that sort of thing didn’t really exist back then and a lot of people these days probably wouldn’t be too familiar with some of the older guys.

SETH…you left out the biggest fish Of them all…John John. Wholly cow, how can you leave out the GOAT

What is considered modern? Obviously coach smith in the early 80s didnt have rankings at all. But maybe kendall cross? Pat Smith?

John wasn’t that highly touted of a recruit. Only won two state titles and never even won Fargo or any other big tournaments like that.

I think he maybe made one Junior World team as an alternate.

My thought process was 80’s to now.

I really thought hard about mentioning Fried. I’ve seen stuff about him taking down Smith and how people were so excited about him.

It was a very quick back and forth. If I would’ve taken some time to take a deep look my list may have differed some.

For my money, outside of the Smiths, Kenny Monday was the best there ever was at OSU. But there’s a bunch of guys you could also argue. I mean, this is OSU wrestling.

That’s fair, not trying to nit pick the list. I was just wondering on how it was put together.

Nice work fellas. PFB best oSu wrestling coverage around.


Without a doubt. Seth is awesome.