Pac-12, Big Ten, ACC Officially Announce Alliance

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The move is expected to be announced Tuesday afternoon.

“If the Pac-12 does indeed opt to expand, it would launch into an exploratory phase, with OSU potentially being one of the first considerations.”

The key word here is IF and due to monetary constraints nationwide I don’t know if I can see expansion happening.


I know that the pac 12 has major issue. First and foremost they thing they are an elite college conf.
If they add the 3 Texas and osu, this would bring in at least 12 central games.
By the numbers we bring a better tv number then the 12. Sure are numbers could change. If to make it in to the pac 12 I would play ou. Then we could play Oregon or usc every year.
What pac 12 really wants is they numbers we bring with ku’s ability to win.

I listened to a portion of the press conference. For cryin’ at night, the ACC commish (what’s his name?) couldn’t even read! Kind of made the “prestigious academic institutions” gibberish ring a little hollow.

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His statement about the big 12 is in away disturbing and also abunch of hot air.
If they do want to keep the big 12 together then expansion is out.
If they want us to stay a power 5, then they the alliance will have to guarantee a spot in the expanded playoff.
But most of this is a bunch of hot air. Most of the goals is the liberal pledge anyway. It’s still a voting alliance.

I know when I saw this word there will be a bunch of gurls with tite panties crying. I was browsing and run a cross an article about the pac 12 trying to bolster their wrestling. So I said it, u gurls can cry all u want. So the point being they would have a built in power house with us.

If they want us to stay a power 5 then the payroll bandit known as Bob Bowlsby better get to work and make something happen. Considering his track record of failing and making millions while doing it I would say the AAC is inevitable.

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Like I said. They gave a lot of lip talk. Any actual structure was missing.

What I heard was “We are still not interested, but we’ll look further into it and give you a solid answer in a week or two.”.

Why do you constantly repeat yourself on here? You’ve said this exact thing like 5 times , we all get it you’re in a constant state of doom and gloom, find some new material

Bob Bowlsby didn’t have a clue what OU and Texas were up to. Wasn’t doing anything to improve big12 contracts. Last, but not least, wasn’t invited to the meeting with the other power 5 conferences about sec. A lot of people would think this might be a reason for firing but to OSU fans, " this is the worst time to be looking so, give him a raise. "

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I have to say it 5 times because Robert doesn’t seem to understand you can’t make things happen based on hope or random acts. There are actual people behind that steering wheel that have a job to make stuff like that to happen.

He’s only been around for 9 years. Let’s give him 10 years total, and then if he does one good thing give him another 10 year extension at 3 million per year.

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I tried to watch the conference but stopped after 5 minutes. These guys are the definition of the term “suits”. OMG the BS and drivel was 6 foot deep and growing. Yea I’m going to need someone with a strong will who was able to watch the whole thing provide the elevator speech on the key points that were communicated, if any were.

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Bowlsby was in a very crowded room full of folks who didn’t know what was going on with UT/OU so that argument is pretty lame IMO. I’m not defending Bowlsby but please cite a valid reason on why he sucks, there should be plenty out there.

Ok , zero signs of improvement in 8 years. Of course that hasn’t bothered you with Gundy so that won’t matter here either.

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I should be impressed getting attention from so many. Then I realize it’s just the 3 stooges and a condiment from ou. That’s like being wanted at a mature weight watcher’s convention. U smile a lil and back away.
It’s funny ur always being a army guy when it comes to gundy, be all u can be. Now u have been hoping the aac will take u. Very double standard of u. Oh yea look whom I’m talking to.

It’s terrible that everyone is failing u. At least u still have ur :goat:?

I’m not hoping the AAC will take us. I just see the future written on the wall. What I’m saying is we’ll be in a G5 conference and if that’s the case then the AAC is the best one to get into.

Like AR said “Apparently the PAC-12 wasn’t impressed with being top 10 in wins the last decade”. Now if that can’t impress the PAC-12 of all the P5 conferences then I don’t see it being any different with the Big 10, ACC, or SEC.