Pac-12 Commissioner’s Wild Presser Underscores Its Precarious Position

Originally published at: Pac-12 Commissioner’s Wild Presser Underscores Its Precarious Position | Pistols Firing

On a wild day in the Pac-12 and what it means.

Is anyone of importance (TV execs/other conference commissioners) truly buying what this dude is selling?! Based on the lack of major profits that the remaining schools produce and the difficult time zone when it comes to getting folks to watch their prime time games, does he really think he can talk so much sh-t on our conference and get away with it?! Only we can talk noise about our own conference…I hope during non-con and bowl season, every Big 12 team except Goon puts their Pac 12 opponent in a body bag. SEC took our two “spoiled rich brats”, but didn’t run us down in the process.


He knows their days are numbered, but I’m surprised he was shooting his mouth off that much. I do think he realizes that he screwed up last summer by not taking some B12 teams. BYU alone went 4-0 against the PAC last year.


He definitely didnt catch that Big 10 was climbing in the window at night.

PAC is a gonner. Just a question if Big 12 goes Big.
Key in this are adding late evening games to Big 10, Big 12 and maybe SEC to fill the late Saturday schedule.
How many crap PAC games have we all watched simply because nothing else was on?


Yep, he pulled a Bowlsby. I’m still not high on adding the AZ’s and CU, but the other PAC teams may not be an option for us.