Passing game has some problems

I think parts of it can be blamed on both Spencer and Gleeson, but it was not good today. We can’t just throw it to Tylan every play. He’s amazing but we have a solid group of other receivers to throw to as well. I’d like to get our other guys involved. Hopefully we can get this fixed in a week or Texas is going to knock us around big time.

Tulsa does have a really good pass defense allowing under 280 a game last year. I do agree that we need to be more than Sanders to Wallace. Get into the film room and work on progressions and he will be better.

Could this be Mason Rudolph’s big break with the Steelers as Big Ben succumbs to non-contact elbow injury, late in 2nd half, against the Seahawks. Rudolf throws for 112 yards, two TD’s and a pick. in 28-26 loss.