Penn State Transfer Austin Boone to Wrestle at Oklahoma State

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The Cowboys pick up a big transfer out of Penn State.

Who do we got at 157?

Got my own answer. Lol yea sheets end on a high note. But another injured guy. Harper did a nice fill in.
The kids got 4 years.
Who do we got coming in?

Any time you can get a kid who won 4 state titles is a big deal. But I would have preferred we landed a true heavyweight unless A.J. becomes the guy at 285. I would prefer to see A.J. stay at 197 and go for 5 titles and just dominate everyone on his way to doing that. The kid is another Cowboy legend. I can’t remember who is his one loss was to last season. If A.J. can avoid injuries he can achieve anything.
We already have 6 guys at 157, not counting Boone and anyone we signed for class of 2021-2022 at 157. So the room is loaded at that weight all waiting for Sheets to finish his career.

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Aj is comfortable at 225 but he would have to get to 240. Harris is coming to be a good hwt. So Idk it’s a toss up.

Which sport do you feel you are most knowledgeable about? How closely do you follow each Oklahoma State sport? And these are serious questions. I’m not trying to be a smart a** or start another argument.

I try to follow all osu sports the best I can. I mean some are just updates a tweeter or something like that. I understand the basic of them all and played alot of sports. I dnt get it pro sports any more so if there is osu event going on I follow.

So what about u I know ur mainly fb bb

You’re right. I’m mainly locked into football and basketball. I do follow wrestling too. As well as some baseball and some softball. Don’t really follow golf until National championship tournament. It’s weird that I pay more attention to our golfers once they are on tour than when they are here in Stilly. For example, Wolff and Hovland seem to have a better trajectory than Fowler right now. Softball was in the crapper until Gajewski got here. Hope we pay the man AND get him a new stadium. Don’t follow track/CC/equestrian at all.

For background, I grew up going to every home football game as parents had season tickets. Made it to probably 10-15 hoop games total. And maybe 2 or 3 baseball and softball games ever. Once my son and I moved here 2 and a half years ago, we started going to more baseball/softball stuff.

I probably have a better scope of knowledge on football and hoops than the rest of the sports. Now recruiting I never paid attention to aside from team’s class ranking. When Boynton, John Smith and to a lesser extent Holliday started getting dudes, I started paying more attention. I will probably always be pro-Boynton and anti-Gundy but I try to be more reasonable and realistic about it nowadays. And not so much the jerk name-caller I used to be.

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