Petition to change Eskimo Joes’ name

When is this going to stop? Or is it? They are going to try and erase all our history and cultural differences that make us the great melting pot country we are!
Nothing is sacred and no one is exempt!
These people are whiny crybabies. What happened to being able to laugh at ourselves and each other with loving humor?
A Plain vanilla dull boring No offense society that no one gets offended is never going to happen.
Whoops can’t say vanilla, might offend some liberal white elitist dude!

How does the name change of a restaurant truly affect your daily life?

You understand that, if it happens, your life will be the same the next day as it was the previous day, correct?


If you think the name of a restaurant to be a symbol for cultural differences and American History, then my goodness you’re missing the whole point


Might make the cup collections worth something???

Probably not, but…

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