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Any high-volume message board is going to be messy. You’ve just got to decide whether you want a messy list of tidy threads, or a tidy list of messy threads.

All the message boards I’ve been to before are the former. This one has so far leaned toward the latter. I’m not sure if that was a conscious decision or not. My guess is that I’m an #old, and that this style is more in keeping with they way the #youngs process things. It’s been a bit of an adjustment for me, and I still think I’d lean toward agreeing with @Dribble, but I’m figuring it out.


I think there is always a group of nutty conspiracy theory people. Richard at least let us know what the conspiracies are. Lol


He’s a 5* troll that’s for sure.

To be honest, I never looked at the comments after the articles.

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Why not various daily and weekly threads? Some of the subreddits I subscribe to use this pretty successfully.

Something like “Nov. 8 Article Discussion thread.” or maybe weekly but split by sport? “11/4-11/10 Football article discussion.”


This is a terrific idea.

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I lime the weekly idea. Have to split them up somehow or they will get super long. Also from performance of the forums, the longer the threads get the more the database has to work to open them.

I’m getting email notifications for Chamber and (used to) for comments under articles. It should remain the same.

Is there a Podcast thread where we can respond to the Pod? Because I have a name for the Basketball Bullets and BBs and I don’t know where to put it.

So, I’ll put it here but I’d also appreciate someone pointing me to the Pod discussions if there is one.
How 'bout Bricks and Buckets?


I see you. You can also just tag me or @CarsonCunningham, @ryan13. Great idea.

Is there a way to delete a thread? Maybe you can do a daily thread concerning that day’s articles, and then maybe delete after a week…?

Is there a way to filter out PFB+ threads?

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To quote the great American philosopher, Nicholas Saban …

clears throat

“I’m not going to, so quit asking!”


Haha, I’m with you. But I’m also a proponent of smart takes. Also, can’t tell you how much more refreshing it is to have a real convo here than to be pounded by Dick K. and OT in the comments.


Y’all must have tougher skin than a meth addict after a decade of their commentary.


I like Bricks and Buckets @ryan13

My initial thought was “Markers & Bricks” because Mike B. always hands the marker to the outstanding player after the game, the player then writes the W number on the board… Doesn’t quite ring like bricks and buckets tho… @kyleporterCBS @CarsonCunningham

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