PFB Fantasy Wrestling

He can but hasn’t…

As long as they can I vote you turn it on for all those not joined past first round. 2nd league about to start and idk how well I can do both at same time lol

@seth get online what are you doing!?

I got another freaking late round pick. Dang it

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I’m going to have to do all 3 at the same time here in a bit…

I totally forgot about this.

What are you having a baby or something!?

Glad you got Boo @Jeff_H!

Tried to login for the 3rd draft, not seeing anything yet.

Is it because we are one player short?

should be good now.

I almost forgot about him again lol

My goal coming into tonight was to get Picc on both squads. Fail.

Yep, refreshed and it was good to go.

I’m trying not to pick the same team but Tate Orndorff is so tempting.

I just picked a guy that’s redshirting. I suck at fantasy

One of the sooner fans you invited… Hindselman… picked Nick Suriano in the third round.

So you’re not that bad.

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Man @Jeff_H I saw Brayton Lee there right as I was picking Josh Heil… great pick .

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What happened to Austin O’Connor?

Welp no clue if I have a good team or not but good luck for second place y’all.

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I wasn’t able to jump online. Hall is actually a PSU guy I kinda like so Ill take it!