PFB Fantasy Wrestling

Hey everybody! If you’re interested in joining the PFB Fantasy Wrestling League, please feel free to join one of the leagues below. Each is capped at 10 users, and it’s first come first serve. Enjoy!

PFB Fantasy Wrestling League:

PFB Fantasy Wrestling League 2:

PFB Fantasy Wrestling League 3:

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Bumping this as there’s only a few spots left in league 3!

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Just 3 left. I tweeted it out to try and fill the last few.

Heads up draft times are eastern time! This means OG is at 830, 2 at 900, 3 at 930pm CT.

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Hey if you’re in the 1st draft, I’m starting it in a couple of minutes! Hope to see you all in there.

Again, this is the place for discussion! Looking forward to wearing y’all out in some fantasy wrestling this year!

@Matt_S_Wilson you got pick one! Get online let’s go!

Well @Matt_S_Wilson you got Mark Hall… so that’s not terrible.

@RipCityCowboy you’re up! You’ll probably get Seth Gross if you don’t get in… and it sounds like sucking weight to compete for the Olympics is going to be a detriment.

I hope it rolls everyone not on over to immediate auto pick or I’ll have to bounce haha this could take a while.

I’ll start auto picking.

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@keystonecowboy join up! I like you so I’ll give you a minute…

Jump over Picc for me will ya haha

I’m sorry man I felt bad doing that but I don’t want it to seem unfair, you know?

I was kidding. You’re good

Boo was my next pick. Well done. Didn’t think he would make it back to me

@RipCityCowboy make sure to turn off the auto pick.

remind me to just manually auto pick in the next draft… yikes.

Why what happened?

can’t turn it off from my end so CowboyUp is just picking auto even though he’s on.

Surely he can turn it off somehow