PFB+ Game Thread: Oklahoma State at Iowa State 🏀


I’m only slightly drunk on Orange Kook-Aid. OkState wins by 5.

I don’t have a prediction, but I will say that I can’t believe this is the last road game of the season. After Saturday’s game my basketball watching will be over. Won’t watch the “little 9” conference tournament or the Big Dance either.
Will fill my team with Cowboy baseball and Cowgirl softball. And spring football too.

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Sloppy game, we’ll have a bunch of turnovers, knock a rebound or two out of bounds off ourselves, offense will go seven minutes without scoring at some point but we get it close in the second half. Iowa State by five.

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Will we ever learn to not foul three point shooters? I think I’ve posted this in every game thread this season :confounded:

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That Moussa lob was dumb in a good way.

It only took AA the whole season to find his groove. He’s been fire the past couple of games.

Too many turnovers. Take better care of the ball.

That’s another common theme this year

Keylan Boone is in the basketball game.


And a made three, glad he earned his minutes back :roll_eyes:

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No one even reacts to Moussa’s nutty blocks anymore because they’re just expected.


Apparently there is not a guest dog house at ISU :wink: Seriously, happy Keylan is getting some run and hopefully improved on whatever his issue was.

Not sure OSU got the ball to the 3-point line that possession.

Bogus charge call on BT.

What an ugly first half. If we could just be average even we could be up 10 points.

Awful end to the first half. The refs are letting them play a little too much.

I’d like to say it was good defense, but I think it was more bad offense.

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Yeah that’s what I’m going with too.

ISU by 17