PFB+ Game Thread: Oklahoma State at TCU 🏀

Mike Miles ruled out today


In before TCU sans Mike Miles out rebounds us by 15 and Damion Baugh goes for 30 points in a win for TCU.


on ESPNU, cant watch

gotta love that, I can watch any ESPN channel except that one

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Why not?

Both of his wrists are sprained. I can’t believe this is a real thing.

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Cowtown :round_pushpin:


I always feel like we’ll lose at TCU and idk why

*they’ve won the last 4 games at home vs OSU that’s why


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Saw this happen to a dude at a high school basketball game. He dunked and hung on the rim too long, falling backwards and landing simultaneously on both wrists. He fractured both, and one was a gross compound fracture. He had both wrists in long arm hard casts for weeks. Used it to get all the pretty girls to do everything for him….haha!

Sitting next to two Mavs scouts. Also scouts from the Hornets and Clippers supposed to be in attendance. Scouts come to Stillwater too, but they usually aren’t sitting right next to me

For Ice?

Edit: :alien:


We got Fran commenting tonight so ask if Ice reminds them of a Lou Dort or a middle linebacker.


Can also ask if they knew that Ice played with Cade on Team USA? Might help his draft stock.


got a free trial to sling to watch this game, go kick some hornÿ frog asś boys

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Maybe they are primarily scouting the other team and thus thought it was okay to sit next to the PFB blog…just kidding.

Well false alarm, they’re actually sitting on the row behind me. They were just next to me on the seating chart.

I really like this arena … aside from the court. It’s more horrendous in person.

13 minutes to tip and there might be 1,500 people in this arena. TCU @Dribble would be going wild.


Cisse driving HARD from the top of the 3 point line, I love it hahah