PFB+ Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas "Taco" Tech

Hello all


About to park and walk in!

No expectations today, but gonna be rowdy!


Well, it’s been fun i guess. Tech by 25.

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Walking over

Tech fans lowkey taking over GIA. This could get ugly.

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Early Ice miss from two feet

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God I need AT LEAST one more year of Cisse if is offensive game continues to progress


Not a fan of his turn around jumper from the FT line

If only ICE could make that three against Baylor haha

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Tech fans are so loud. It sucks…. Trying to do my part from up top.

Early Ice splash
L+ ratio


Not really. They are in one corner. Maybe 400 max.

They are well louder than OSU fans, but alright

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That corner is louder than other away fans

@marshall Aren’t you in that corner too?

Near it, but there are also OSU fans around me

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Blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while

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It’s kinda weirdly frustrating seeing Ice make that. Like…where was that the rest of the season?

Devin Booker plays for Tech

Ball movement is awful.