PFB Picks: How We're Projecting 2019 Bedlam to Unfold

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See how confident PFB staffers are in Bedlam.

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37-28 that team down south :disappointed:

Friggin OU homers. I don’t care if we’re playing the ’85 Bears. You run an OSU fan blog, you pick OSU, period.

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There’s something to be said for being realistic.

I prefer fatalistic. If I set myself up for disappointment, then I’m not disappointed if we lose. :man_shrugging:


It would be tough for me to take them serious if that was their stance. Gotta review the evidence and make an educated guess.

This is the dumbest take. Congrats.

I saw what a good running QB can do to the ou D. Ehlinger, Purdy, Brewer and Duggan made the ou D play honest. Sorry, I don’t think Brown can do that. Chubba is going to be keyed on all day w/o Sanders running the ball. Tough time for Cowboy offense today. Let’s hope the Cowboys can get to the 4th quarter with a chance. Go Pokes!

We run a media company.

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Gooner defense has been awful the last 4 games and Hurts has been a turnover machine. Let’s make it 5 games in a row. Pokes win in OT 31-28.


Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. If we can get to the 4th quarter still in it, anything can happen. Go Pokes!

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Boooooone!!! Yes! Some optimism! It’ll be a war, but I’m ALSO pickin’ the Pokes…30-24!!

And yes, I’m a proud, naive, orange-glasses-wearing homer!!!

If you’re going to be all in on the game today then you need to be just as loud for Gundy’s firing when he looses tonight.