PFB Picks: Laying Out Predictions for OSU’s Saturday Tilt vs. Iowa State

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Our staff is a little less optimistic this week than the last two weeks.

Iowa St 33
OSU 24

I think this one is all kinds of ugly, but the Pokes manage to pull it out.
OSU 17
ISU 14

And this may be optimistic about both teams’ offense. Might be more like 10 to 7.


It should be an easy 10-point win if we had the defense we had in the 2nd half of the discoTEX game. I can’t recall a defense that regressed this badly in a season. D-coordinator needs to get gone!!!

If Sanders doesn’t play another L is my prediction. If he plays oSu 27 Iowa St 20


Good thing he’s on a 2 year deal. Send him packing after bedlam.


My prediction is that Derek Mason’s defense makes the Iowa State inept offense look like the Troy Aikman/Emmett Smith/MIchael Irving Dallas Cowboys…

My hope is that Gunnar Gundy stops suffering from reverse nepotism and gets his shot at starting and playing an entire game. I have no idea who I want to be our QB1 of the future, but the only thing to do with this season now is experiment and get some idea and that means actual game time for all of the chess pieces that we have. I am impressed with Rangel. I want to see if I am impressed with Gunnar. We are already bowl (even if a toilet bowl) eligible, so the extra practices and advantages are secure. The slim prospect of playing in the Big 12 title game is not even a consideration at this point to me. jmho…

GO POKES!!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

Iowa State - 10
oSu - 10 …and both teams are still trying to get a two point conversion on Sunday morning. :upside_down_face:


Do we have to wait that long??? No time like the present, I was always told. :innocent: ‘ya know’??

In truth, our second half defense vs Texas was not as effective as Ewers was ineffective, in my opinion. He was missing open receivers under pressure and in clean pockets. I am quite certain that I prefer Sanders, or Rangel, or Gunnar… over Ewers!! lol

I’m going with the better coach. Iowa wins.

Were not playing iowa



And why do you think Ewers wasn’t effective, it was all due to him? We started giving him different looks, something apparently which is not allowed by Mason and Co to do in first halves of games. Or maybe it’s a Mike Gundy rule, no in-game adjustments, do it all at halftime???

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I can respect that you want to give our defense some credit. But, we agree about Mason being ineffective. Inaccuracy is always a combination of defensive looks and pressure AND ability at quarterback. I think Ewers effectiveness was about 70 percent on him, 30 percent on our defense and our defensive record against much lessor opponents supports that, in my opinion.

But, I do respect your take and you can give Mason all the second half credit that you think he deserves, my friend!! lol

@rmt I’m of the same mind as you. While I respect others opinion which may be more on target than mine, lets face it when it comes down to it I don’t really have enough information to really know most of the time what causes things to happen like they do, I think that Ewers ineffectiveness was more self inflected than caused by our D. This was Ewers first road game in two years and his first one in D1. Add to the fact that it was in BPS, which isn’t an easy place to play, the deck was stacked against him and he preformed accordingly.

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Ewers has also shown to be a bit ‘streaky’ and inconsistent in general in other games. I honestly thought that their backup played better while he was in. Our ‘Masonic’ D has never shown to a ‘stopper’.

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The primary problem is that he will be gone after next year and we will have to start over. So, why not hire for longevity instead of hiring people we know will bounce in a few years. How about dropping Gundy’s hefty and over priced salary so we can share the love around with better coaches that will be incentivized to stay and perform? Instead, our coaches go everywhere else to win conference titles and make the playoffs.

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Not a problem that he will be gone after next year, if he left NOW it would be a good thing. Joe Bob could take over and show us how to have a good K-State type defense. But you’re right about Gumby’s hefty/overpriced salary. He’s too selfish to give some of that away to some of the assistants. 3~4 million ain’t enough for living in Stilly??? Or even 5, that leaves 2.5 mill to spread around to some of the assistants.

Card is good, but he ain’t a 5-star with a perfect rating like sEWERS and the overrated Arch Manning, lol. I’d be surprised if Card stays beyond this season. Look at former UT QB, don’t think he ever got game time there, Cameron Rising, at Utah is doing well.

I think jundy got about a mill to much. But, i guess you cant remember the times he did take cuts for his coaches. The coaches are getting good money.

What i dnt understand is he tell us about coaches that suck on this team then you want to pay them more.

Lol your the idiot. That post was not to you.