PFB Picks: Laying Out Predictions for OSU's Week 2 Tilt with Arizona State

Originally published at: PFB Picks: Laying Out Predictions for OSU's Week 2 Tilt with Arizona State | Pistols Firing

Here is how we see Saturday’s game going.

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Well everybody is saying our defense is as good as nau.
45 to 20


OSU 41
ASU 33

I’m going….
OSU 37
ASU 24


I said 38-31 OSU and that’s what I’m sticking with. I think ASU will try to keep the ball on the ground more and use more short to intermediate passing. I think the back end of the defense will be slightly better. I didn’t get to see much of ASU’s passing game. So the verdict is out on how good their passing game will be if they can’t run the football.


OSU 35
ASU 31

For all of my pragmatic cynicism…
oSu - 54
AsU - 13

Yep, going with the blow out. We have the athletes in comparison to ASU on defense to get stops. I do expect better assignment and scheme and less confusion from those defensive athletes this week!! …were I the DC, I would demand it.

GO POKES!!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

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I could see us losing this game if Mason and Co didn’t fix the defense. If I’m ASU I’m going w/ same thing as CMU cause I don’t think the guy can make adjustments. Show us you can!

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Such a debbie downer on game day

I think there is not enough experience and time for our secondary to be fixed so soon. We have the better team, but not sure what the score would be since there will still be confusion in coverage. We don’t look good in zone. I doubt that the Sundevils can stop Sanders and receivers. I just hope SS does not run more than he has to. If he goes down with an injury, kiss the season goodbye. Slide!
It would be nice if we are winning big in the 4th quarter so we can see Gunnar some more. Still want to see his arm.
I like ASU teams a lot since I used to live in Phoenix. But I never can remember them being great, other than in baseball.

Probably the closest of any posted here. You win the weeklty traveling trophy. Congrat!!!