PFB Picks: Predictions and Talking Points for OSU-Baylor

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How we see things playing out on Saturday in Waco.

Baylor 28 OSU 21

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Nope!!! Gundy doesn’t avoid another loss.

Baylor 27 OSU 17

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Osu 28 -23

Have you seen this OSU offense without Tylan Wallace?

Who said the offense will score 28. But no one said Wallace is out is he. Is shane, hale, or brown playing.

Baylor by 6, 34 - 28.

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That’s not our only problem. You could have Dez out there but chances are not many back-shoulder fades, bubble screens and/or jump balls will be completed for over a 5-yard average. Slants, posts and crossing routes are NOT ALLOWED by Gumby.

Baylor by 70. just because this season can’t be any more disappointing…right?

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Baylor 28-13

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