PFB Picks: Predictions for Oklahoma State’s Trip to Houston

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The Cowboys head to Houston for a meeting with the Cougars.

I have a sick feeling about this one. Hope I’m wrong.
If Bowman starts, he is soooo easy to scheme and UCF showed exactly how to do it. Defense might be able to win this one on it’s own with turn overs, but that’s a tough prediction given Holgy’s evil genus.

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Why would Bowman not start? Wideouts couldn’t catch anything last week and tips turned into turnovers. Ollie and the O-line didn’t show up either.


Already mentioned. Bowman’s abilities are very easy to scheme. He is little threat at throws past +10 from LOS and will easily be the least mobile QB Houston faces this year.
UCF simply loaded everyone into the 0-10 yard box with man coverage on any wide-outs. It created mass of humanity that Ollie couldn’t weave through and Bowman couldn’t pass out of.

Both Gunnar and Rangel are much more mobile, much more accurate on the move, and better on +10 yd past LOS passes. At least that’s what we saw early this season.

But I’m certain Dunn/Gundy will start Bowman - that’s how they roll. So we’ll see if they’ve cooked up something to keep Houston from following the UCF scheme.

OSU 30
Houston 21

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As long as the OL plays well we win. Thats the deal Hopefully we have receivers healthy

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Bowman didn’t give up almost 50 points on defense. Coming from behind in a rainstorm is always difficult. In a Gundy no risk offense, it’s almost an impossible task.

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That’s the narrative.
Bowman ranks bottom of Big 12 of every passing stat - %, ints, tds, yds/at, and the undisputed leader in incompletions.
Good news is Donovan Smith is right there with him. The Fighting Nardogs might tilt this one for us.

@michael13 If Houston simply plays a red zone D on every play, not sure it’s possible to win another game. Hope I’m wrong.

I would hope they have that figured out wouldn’t you ? They know the last two will try it The must is the OL playing well and have an alternative when they load the box
Only thing about Smith is he can run a little

I think Bowman maybe your favorite qb of all time if he wins the last two :joy:

The advantage that Houston has is their coach. He knows what OSU does.
Our disadvantage is our QB and our O-line and our lackluster play calling.
Cowboy sports across the board have been slipping. Good but not good enough.
I am not able to predict who wins this game.
I continue to blame Sanders for his bonehead decision which wasted his final season and also prevented OSU from running the table. I feel sorry for Gundy. The Big 12 stinks this season, so it was our chance to shine.


If he wins the last 3.

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OSU 34 Houston 31. It’s going to be close and ugly.


Bowman ranks last in all the categories because we have a coach that doesn’t know a good quarterback from a bad one. Season was over when we lost to south Alabama. Wonder if osu could somehow never schedule UCF again in this new piss poor conference we are about to inbark in, and if so we should be the top dog I bet……lol. Gundy will never be a top dog ever we all have seen the proof for 19 years. Silly fans never see the truth. Fire gundy and boyton after the year and let’s start fresh.

Osu 3 Houston 31

You should have sick feeling about this game and every game gundy coaches from here on out lol. There’s a reason you feel sick about playing a terribly bad Houston team that has a lot of players hurt because your coach stinks. When was the last time gundy beat a team that he was supposed to by say 30 points and how many times say in the last 5 years?

Well thanks @jeff42 . I had my own reasons for being concerned, but I think I’ll adopt your fatalistic character assassination rationale instead. This has been a big help for me. I want to party with you.

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He’s a dam troll , just like joy. Always running OSU down. Nothing is ever good enough. Recruiting is always chit. He’s usually drunk about now , throwing out barbs until he passes out. Pay him no mind, it’s not worth it

@michael13 I picked up on that pretty quick.
Now that I’ve Ignored the Toxic Teletubbies (El Jeffy is my latest) it’s hilarious seeing only you and Bruce’s side of the joust with them. Kinda reminds me of that crazy homeless guy talking to himself :wink:

I’m telling ya, it’s a whole different experience when their toxicity doesn’t even appear. That’s a not very subtle hint…

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You see where those two are now we are winning. First half those two were all over it. Now you don’t see them. F ‘em