PFB Picks, Predictions for OSU vs. Iowa State

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The PFB staff lays out predix for OSU-Iowa State.

I just have a bad feeling about this one. I don’t know why.
Iowa State 31 Oklahoma State 27


I heard Weeden talking about this game and Brock Purdy on ESPN U radio. His comment was that Purdy is not all that tall and has trouble seeing downfield when you get pressure up the middle. If you can pressure him he will throw the ball to you. Pretty much what we saw last year. I think our D continues to dominate and our offense clicks from the start. 38-20 Pokes!

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With the key pieces back on offense, this should be 10-14 point margin win for OkState. I can’t see the D giving up more than 20 points to ISU and the offense is capable of putting up 30+

Berry Tramel prediction:
Iowa State at Oklahoma State: Cowboys 27-24. Reversal of identity. Cyclones have been known for defense the last few years; OSU has been known for offense for more than a decade. But this year, ISU might have the Big 12’s best offense and OSU might have the Big 12’s best defense.

It gets down to which qb does the best. Defense has to control the middle. Rb and reciever get their blocks. Others keep doing what they have been doing. And yes the obvious turnovers and penalties.

It’s understandable. Mike Gundy and the pokes have a tendency to lose important games through the first 5-6 games of the season (See TCU 2017, Tech 2018, Texas 2019).

That’s why I don’t put a lot of confidence in this team when playing a ranked opponent because they seem to prepare like they aren’t trying to lose instead of preparing like they are trying to win.

One thing I know is if Chuba runs the ball 10-12 times and it seems like the run game isn’t working then we BETTER start throwing the ball around. This better not be like Texas 2019 where we run the ball 50 times against the strength of the opposing team’s defense.

The difference for me that makes me think the pokes CAN win this one is how consistent the defense has been so far. This will be the best offensive test for them yet so we’ll see if they’re worth the paper they are written on.


Ur going with tramel really​:sleepy::astonished::woozy_face:

I feel the same way: a long lay-off and we’re going against a good D and a proven QB.

I’m really glad we’re at home

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“Sounds like either sanders or Illingworth could get the start.” Sounds like you bit the coach speak bullet. Sanders is starting, and will stay in permanently unless an injury or poor play says otherwise.

Sterling and KHP will dictate how this game does. If they can bottle up the TEs over the middle, ISU will be in a world of trouble. Offensively, the line is the key. It honestly doesn’t matter who has the big game at the skill positions, whether that be Chuba, LD, Tylan, whoever. If the line can’t do their job, we’re in trouble. If they can protect, it’ll help Sanders and will open up holes for the backs, and that would spell disaster for ISU.

I’ll go 31-20 pokes. They’ll have a couple of busted plays here and there but I think overall they prove just how good this defense is.

Another interesting stat, against teams not named Oklahoma state, WVU and Tulsa are both putting up better numbers across the board offensively in every stat than ISU is. And ISU has played 3 of the 4 worst defenses in the league and a non-P5 team. Tulsa and WVU combined to average 10 points on 290 total yards vs us.

I’m still extremely confused at why ISU randomly has all of this “they’re the greatest offense in the league” hype around them. They scored 3 offensive touchdowns total against Texas tech, who is trying their hardest to out-suck Kansas on the defensive side of the ball for worst defense in the nation. Tech’s defense is non-existent, and if ISU can only score 3 touchdowns on that defense, (not to mention the 14 total points vs Louisiana Lafayette) what makes everyone think they’re this unstoppable offensive force? I don’t understand it.