PFB Picks, Predictions for OSU vs. Tulsa on Saturday

Nobody is telling you not to. All we need to do is get the dull stain out if that glaring orange, and his initials are MG.

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Yeah…I guess it didn’t impress the PAC-12 enough for expansion.

That is definitely where u r wrong.
Usc doesn’t want a nothing team to lose to.
They know they can’t out recruit us in Texas.
Their worried we would come to Cali and out recruit them there. Usc is on the verge of being the next Nebraska.
The pac 12 is impressed with mg

Oh they can’t? As a high profile recruit do you want to go to a team that has a good history if winning the PAC-12 with other high caliber recruits in the Los Angeles area?

Or do you want to go to a team that has almost no history of winning the Big 12 and play with averages players in Stillwater, America under a coach that admits he has no plans of trying to play for or win a conference title?

Last time I checked they beat a San Jose State team 30-7 (Who went 7-1 last season) and it took a defensive stand for us to beat Missouri State by 7 (An FCS team that went 5-5 last season)

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Why are they scared then. This not my off the wall opinion.

They aren’t scared. They just want to make sure they are going to add a program that’s worth adding to the conference. Adding OSU would be like adding a Mississippi State, Virginia Tech, or Northwestern. Really doesn’t do much to benefit their conference in any major way.

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We look great out there, don’t we?! When is MG gonna start getting criticized, like he should, by the masses? Or are we gonna keep blaming the players??? Dude said the O-line was going to be fine, LOL!