PFB Picks: Predictions for the Big 12 Championship

I have to go with the facts presented by Bill 18. Especially how poorly we play in first halves.
I am giving a lot of credit to OsU by predicting Texas only puts up 48 against us because they play their depth chart boys in 4th quarter and roll out Manning if not injured at some point. I think we get 10 points. What concerns me the most is our defense, especially against the pass. O-line won’t be able to stop their big boys. Ollie already playing with injury. Not sure if he will be able to finish. Bowman will be pressured all day and he is not accurate when he rolls out. He will be sacked multiple times. Rangel will play at some point. It could get really ugly. Texas wants to show that they are finally back. They will play their best game of the season. Too big for us and too talented. These are not the Longhorns of recent years.

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Just listened to Sam Mayes interview on 365 Sports on the game tomorrow and I must say he pretty much went scorched earth on HCMG and OSU’s player talent. Hell I think Sam is @bill18 's doppelganger lol. I respect Sam’s opinions they are well articulated and almost always seem to have merit but man it was tough to listen to what he had to say lol. Here is the interview in case anyone wants to listen.

You can respect Sam Mayes all you want. I prefer to think of him as a total idiot, who I wouldn’t listen to if I was paid to.

Gundy being 1-4 in conference title games is the thing that sticks out to me the most. However, as someone else pointed out, those were teams that had a lot more on the line and much higher expectations. The fact OSU essentially fell backwards into this championship game has me thinking Gundy will come out guns blazing and not have this team playing not to lose. Texas has all the pressure, I’m calling the upset!

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I can certainly appreciate you opinion and you are likely to be correct

Beat Tech by 50 :man_shrugging:.

Well……he played college football, was an All-American, and went to the NFL. So I’ll listen to what the man has to say. How many coaches on the OSU staff outside of one ever achieved any those?

The you better hope we win the turnover battle by 2+ or more if that’s the case.

THIS exactly is why we can win

I think we’re Seabiscuit :cowboy_hat_face:

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Inarguable: Oklahoma State outperforms when an underdog. We underperform when the favorite.

Texas being Texas, they won’t sell-out up front to stop Ollie.

I’m starting to like our chances!

From your mouth to God’s ears!!!

If we play Texas 10 times we maybe win twice. So I’ll be ok with a loss but hopefully in the back of Texas’ minds they’re wondering, is this the 15% game?!? I hope so

I won’t lambast you, just say your wrong lol. Comparing or using a game as examples works both ways. Texas lost to ou and we beat the heck out of uo.

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Today’s game is our national championship. Could careless about the bowl game after today.

Meaning go ALL-IN, putting all the chips in the middle.

Because depending on the results of today’s game, tonight, our team like many, will see transfer protal activity tonight anyways.

Go. All. In. Today.

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I am often wrong, but rarely in doubt! …is the sad thing. I hope I am wrong and we will know soon enough. lol Godspeed to the Cowboys!

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I get a $1200 check from a 40:1 moon shot bet placed pre-season. Then the season happened…
I’ll simply repost the UCF score of 3-44 as my prediction. Of course I hope I’m wrong, hope we don’t watch Mr Experienced 6th Year NFL-style Practice Squad bury us in the 1st Q like he’s done half a dozen games this season.

Perhaps Nardo and the Fighting NarDawgs have some magic for the Whorns offense? Ewers is susceptible to heat.

Pizzes me off that even with a Heisman quality RB, we’re sitting here “hoping and praying” to just be competitive.


Love that video. Old horseracer here. Thanks for posting.


Well said. With the points spread as it is, OSU alum’s turned sports analyst going scorched earth on our team and every joe, bob and dick predicting an OSU ass whipping this game feels like a Div 3 team going up against Alabama. Man I hope all these co%k suckers have to eat crow later today.

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My suspicion is that Bowman has been given additional leeway due to whatever donors are paying him in NIL. IF Gundy had benched the Donor’s Choice that they just dropped a couple $100K on and we laid a goose egg offensively with Gunnar or Rangel against say UCF, donors would get all pizzy.

My hope is Gundy is letting this season play out - donors, NIL, Dunn, Bowman - in order for the entire Cowboy’s community to “get their minds right” again.

Have we every had a starting QB finish a season with more Ints than TDs? That’s really really weird.

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