PFB Picks: The Pistols Firing Staff Predicts Oklahoma State's 2023 Season

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Predicting what seems like an unpredictable season.

I’m still going 6-6 for this year. Just too many unknowns for me.

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The freshman of the year rite now is only a 2 man race with both back ups as of now.

The toughest to pic is newcomer. Thats on both sides of the ball.
Shettron would have to really play to be they top yard getter if he is a back up.

Im not sold on rangel yet. There was hype around him last year. Production wise he did really do alot. Both gundy and rangel were healthy in there first starts. Rangel scored 16 points against a bad defense in ku. Gunner score 10 in 3 quarters against the best defense.

I know with the injuries and the west Virginia game had a ton of drops. My only point is rangel a practice qb. I know everybody loves to talk smack about weeden, but even he said he was bad in practice.
Im for bowman because he is a leader so far.

I picked 7-5. No way we get anywhere close to 10 wins, LOL.

RE Shettron being leading receiver, problem w/ that is outside wideouts only catch passes most of the time from outs, back-shoulder fades and jump balls. Little to nothing in our playbook for slants and anything else in the middle. Gumby’s too skurred to throw there so he just goes w/ the predictable 3 routes.

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I’ve got 9 wins as our ceiling.


The eternal optimist. :innocent: