PFB Podcast Ep. 293: Texas Bowl Recap, State of the OSU Program for 2020

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Kyle Porter and Carson Cunningham discuss OSU’s Texas Bowl loss, whether Chuba and Tylan are returning, the CFP and what the state of the football program is heading into 2020. You know what helps the show and helps us make more shows? When you rate us on Apple Podcasts or subscribe to our pod: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Stitcher | SoundCloud | Overcast As always, we appreciate our sponsors Chris’ University Spirit and MidFirst Bank

Can we get Porter’s holiday rankings? So far we’ve only heard about the overrated ones.

Carson, Kyle Porter. It’s pretty clear to me that big time programs cheat. It’s a money thing. Our program is clean. OU cheats their butts off. We don’t. Bigtime programs have bag men. $200 here and there and $500 there. That’s is the only reason they have success. OU is a good program that cheats. Would OU have won title in 2000 iwth a playoff. Heck no. 1985. Heck No. OU’s last title would have been in like 1976- 44 years ago now. I’m just being real. Go read article about bag men. If we want to be clean fine. I’m a Christian too but honestly it sounds like this is how the game is played. I truly hope I’m wrong but guys. I don’t think so. Either that or Gundy is a crappy recruiter. I think it’s not time and effort. IT’s cheating or not cheating. Am I wrong? maybe, maybe I’m not. this is coming from a non cheater guy. It’s a real question to ask Kyle Porter and Carson.

I will say this Kyle Porter and Carson. OSU is NOT behind KU and Iowa State on 247 rankings. As for rivals they are 37 and 38 and we are 41. If we get one more recruit we are ahead of them. Gundy deserves some criticism but we are acutally ahead it’s just there are 25 recruits in KU class. We have 19. that’s only reason Iowa State and KU are ahead of rivals cuz of number of recruits. That’s it! we have to be fair to gundy. But yes Gundy needs to improve in recruiting but the narrative we are behind them is untrue. On 247 which yall seem to love we are ahead of them. We are a couple spots behind and that will change when we sign a couple more 4 star guys.