PFB Podcast Ep. 329: Another Off Week (Thanks COVID), Bill Haisten Joins the Pod

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Haisten joins the pod to discuss OSU’s scheduling mess.

Bill Haisten,

The same guy that said he thought TCU was the best team in the conference (Even after a loss to Iowa State) which later on lost to a K State team that didn’t even have 300 total yards of offense or Skylar Thompson taking the snaps.

It wasnt long ago you had ou Texas and tcu as good defense. With those 3 in 9 league games only once keep a team under 31. That was a backup qb that still scored 21. Bill ( not sticking up for him) said tcu was his dark horse coming in the season. So people can change their mind. Any way what I’ve seen are bad defenses, only bad offensive stop from scoring.

Carson why would you say this:

”He is now a Top 10 player in the state of Oklahoma and he is committed to play at Oklahoma State. Kind of recalls one Ryan Broyles, if you remember Brian. He tore it up at Norman High and was committed to OSU and all of a sudden ou was like, “We can’t let this guy go to OSU.” Maybe the same will happen to Jaden Bray.”

Unless you would want that to happen? Kinda sounds like “Hey OU, come flip this unheralded recruit OSU found, he’s actually good!”