PFB Podcast Ep. 339: Bedlam Blowout, Gundy's Future

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Carson and Colby breakdown another disappointing Bedlam for OSU.

I’m not a season ticket holder; I didn’t grow up in Oklahoma; I moved to Atlanta 20+ years ago. I am Loyal and True, proud to be an oSu graduate. I found myself considering writing a letter to Holder & enclosing a check for $100 designated for the Gundy buyout fund. It’s not much, but when you realize that BPS has 60,000 seats, you can do some quick math at $100 per seat & see that some pretty serious buyout money could be raised in short order.

As an Oklahoma native, Gundy has been indoctrinated with the narrative that ou is, always has been, and always will be better, and that oSu has no chance to match them ever. I appreciate what he’s done for the program. He most likely deserves a statue some day. I don’t see us taking the steps to consistently be a top-10 team with him as head coach. I’m not mad at him, but at some point “little brother” has to grow up & punch “big brother” in the mouth to put an end to being bullied.

We can complain all we want, but we have to decide if we’re willing to write the checks to make it happen.


I think the time has come for Gundy to bow out and we find some new blood.

I would but holder would probably just use the money to put gas in the recruiting helicopter that Gundy just uses it to fly to 7 eleven to get slurpee’s