PFB Podcast Ep. 345: Pokes Take Baylor to the Woodshed

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Carson and Colby give their OSU-Baylor takes.

I appreciate the podcasts the 2 guys have shared over the season. I have to say Spencer Sanders did put up stats, but it was a depleted Baylor team and our receivers were open all day long. He still managed too throw 2 picks and he never looks off receivers. He drops back stares at the receiver and throws it. I’m not sure I ever seen a kid make zero progress in the mental part of the game. Spencer is gifted athletically with a nice arm but I’m not he’s ever going to be the QB we hoped for. If Mike Gundy wants to spread the field Shane in my opinion makes more sense. I’m sure Spencer is a great kid and I’ll root for him but after 3 years you have to start seeing some growth in decision making.

It’s Tuesday. Can we get an update on Trace Ford?