PFB Podcast Ep. 371: Boynton Signs Contract Extension

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On Boynton’s new deal and the future of OSU hoops.

When you guys say getting Boynton for 7 yrs at 3 million is good rather than having a shorter contract and then having to pay out much more to keep him, I think you are forgetting that whenever a coach has a really good year he goes into the office of the AD and demands that his current contract be torn up. I am very interested in seeing how much the buyout will be for Boynton. Whether he stays for the next 7 years or not I really don’t care. What I care about is that he recruits players that can get OSU back to the level where they need to be. At least the Sweet 16 each season. That should be the minimum for any coach earning 3 million bucks a year. If a coach can’t produce in 5 years, get rid of him, regardless of who he is. That is how you build a winning program. You don’t settle for anyone who cannot build a winning program. So far Boynton looks like he has the ability to take the Cowboys to the next level. But do the really good players want to come play for OSU? Especially with a likely post season ban on our horizon.