PFB Podcast Ep. 372: Cade Enters NBA Draft, OSU's Pro Day

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On Cade’s legacy at OSU and where Tylan and other Cowboys project in the NFL Draft.

I would question Colby’s remark that OSU is doing really well across the board in sports. For the past few years I have seen the track teams go down in talent, and the golf teams are lacking really good talent these past 2 seasons. Wrestling is getting better and would have got second place trophy this season if not for injuries. Placing as high as third place was unexpected and great. So overall Cowboy sports are doing well but not across the board. Too early in the season to tell how the baseball team might finish. Potential is there but struggling at the plate in some games and leaving too many guys on base. If the bats get hot they could go places later.

Golf were both top 4 teams last year. Over all last year was one of our overall best. Yes track is bad.
We will be down this year.