PFB Podcast Ep. 381: Bryce Thompson Commits to OSU

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On Bryce, Boynton and OSU’s Big 12 title hopes.

I enjoyed the accolades heaped on Mike Boynton during this podcast. But I have to disagree with Colby stating that everybody wants to play for Mike Boynton. If that was true, we would have had a lot better guys coming in from the transfer portal beside Bryce Thompson. We would already have our star center. I enjoy Colby’s enthusiasm but sometimes he does get carried away.

@tai Who outside of KU and Texas in the XII get five-star big men consistently? With your comments, it is clear you don’t understand recruiting, do you even hoop?

True or false without generalizations, “EVERYBODY WANTS TO PLAY FOR MIKE BOYNTON?”.
That is my focus. This is not about who knows about recruiting, whether or not a fan plays basketball.
A podcast is reporting and a reporter should be accurate. It is grossly inaccurate to state that everybody wants to play for Mike Boynton. If so, the top players that were considering OSU all would have transferred here. End of point.

@tai He recruited and re-recruited the number 1 draft pick. He don’t need to prove anything to you.

No, they were considering, it’s simple. Again, have you ever been recruited? probably don’t even hoop.

There’s coaches and sales men in this recruiting game, hints why there are so many transfers on the market