PFB Podcast Ep. 397: OU, Texas to the SEC, What's next for OSU?

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Where do the Pokes go from here?

I really like the podcast’s that Carson and Colby do but I had to stop listening to this one around the 7 minute mark. They seemed completely on the side of OU and didn’t see anything wrong with what OU has done and how they went about doing it. I could say a lot more but I wouldn’t be nice so because of that I’ll make no further comment instead.

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Enjoyed the podcast! Reasonable and reasoned access meant. No orange-tinted glasses. No orange juice with extra pulp! Good content on reasons for and against conferences wanting OSU and for OSU to want to go to those conferences! Excellent! Would like to have heard some discussion on how this will affect recruiting in the immediate future.

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Bruce, I’d consider listening to the rest. We are overwhelmingly positive about OSU’s potential to land in another conference and the fact they shouldn’t play Bedlam anymore. Dr. Shrum made that pretty clear today as well.

Ok I will do that, appreciate the response.

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