PFB Podcast Ep. 402: Dave Hudson's OSU Fan Survey

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Dave shares his insights on the 14th annual OSU fan survey.

You name 5 horrific decisions on one position (quarterback) and then just nonchalant declared "Gundy is a great coach ". Do great coaches make the same bad decisions time after time? Do great coaches refuse to change with the times? Do great coaches lose to the same team 7 years in a row? Do great coaches only beat Baylor (notice we are talking about Baylor!) When they are having a losing season? (Think about that, can only beat Baylor when they are at their worst).

If Gundy is the best we can do, we don’t belong in a power 5 conference. Name a school that has kept a coach over 15 years and has paid him a top ten salary for winning 1 conference title and averaging 4th in the conference?

Name another coach who has won a conference championship at OSU in the past century

Jim Stanley, J.B. Whitworth, Jim Lookabaugh (who won 3), Lynn O. Waldorf (who also won 3) and John Maulbetsch. All in the last century.

*shared conference title and the last one before Gundy in 1974 . Big time tradition we have