PFB Podcast Ep. 414: OSU-Baylor Recap

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Carson Cunningham and Colby Powell talk about OSU’s win against Baylor.

Drum line sounds good. You guys were Debbie Downer Nancy NoWays two weeks ago. Now your Positive Petes! Glad it’s not the other way around.

Podcast brought up a good point. Why are they not throwing to Pressley? Has he been covered like a blanket by defenders? Or could it be that he has some kind of injury that allows him to field punts but not catch passes? Otherwise, it makes no sense that he is not getting targets. Something fishy there and Gundy ain’t saying.

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If you look at the replay. He’s open over the middle several times. Does Sanders just not react fast enough because Presley isn’t his first go to guy?

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