PFB Podcast Ep. 415: OSU Bye Week, Season Outlook

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Breaking down how dominant OSU’s defense has been.

I just had to listen. I’m not a fan of podcast. 45 minutes, but 15 minutes of real stuff.

I normally wish they were longer but I kind of tuned out of this one as well. I’d encourage you to listen to one the episodes previewing or reviewing an actual game. Considering this is a bye week I don’t think they had a ton to work with.

This is the second time I’ve tired to listen. I have a hard time making it thur alot of talk show / podcast. It just seems the ramble. In the 20 minutes I did make I found out more about the baby and the fact they didn’t know who were just played. I was find with the baby talk a guy should do it. I just never get what I’m looking for.
Sickum 365 is terrible.
I like John Kurt, his is about the big 12. And it’s live pod so he gets the listens involved.
These guys just dnt have the inside scoop on alot of stuff.

Fair points, I guess to each their own :slight_smile: If you haven’t tried Pete Mundo’s heartland college sports podcast, you might give his Sunday podcast a listen. It can be a little surface level with the analysis but it’s a pretty good wrap up of all the big XII games. Thanks for mentioning Kurt, never heard of him but I’m always looking for interesting big XII related pods to try

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Excellent I do like heartland not done their podcast

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