PFB Podcast Ep. 425: Sim Drain III

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OSU legend Sim Drain joins the pod to discuss Barry Sanders and more.

Once again Colby bringing the fire! It’s time for OSU to go war against the NCAA in court.

Chad Weiberg made it very clear that schools in similar situations that have taken legal steps found that it got them nowhere. In other words, it would just be a waste of financial resources to sue the NCAA. A lawsuit would only serve to express anger in this case.
Mike Holder also stated that if the appeal would be denied, there is no other recourse after that.
So fans yelling for legal action are just whistling into the wind.
Boynton and Weiberg knew this, otherwise they would not have made the statements that they did against the NCAA. They knew what they said would stir up a hornet’s nest with the NCAA.