PFB Podcast Ep. 427: Hart Lee Dykes

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Another OSU legend joins the pod.

So glad to hear Colby mention RB Walt Garrison. I got to OSU one year after Walt finished his last season so only got to see him play on TV. Have to remember that his success happened when the Cowboys had pretty bad teams in the Big 8. He went on to become famous with the Dallas Cowboys and was on a tv commercial for chewing tobacco. So he was a really recognizable player. Phil Cutchins was his coach and Cutchins never panned out. He was an assistant to Bear Bryant in the Bear’s early career at Texas A&M.
I don’t know if Dez will ever be in the Ring of Honor only for one reason. He did not get to play that long for OSU.

" just a lil pinch in between the cheeks and gums"