PFB Podcast Ep. 430: Slaying Squinky, OSU Wins Bedlam

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Recapping the Cowboys’ Bedlam win.

Another great pod. The most amazing part of this year is the rebirth of Mike Gundy. I was personally ready to burn all his tractors when he was yelling about recruits these days, disrespecting Mike Holder’s input, and calling out oSu fans for being late on payments to deflect IMO warrented criticism regarding his program.

To listen to him speak this season is inspiring. The lessons he learned from the OAN shirt, personally reconnecting with players, and having the Knowles hire turn out to be special has Gundy in a much better place. Kudos to coach Gundy on the personal turn around. Kudos to the players for their work ethic and great attitudes.


Am I the only one who doesn’t get the Squinky reference? What is that?

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I about lost my mind when they started chanting SEC before OU got the ball back.

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Great job on the pod. Best one I’ve listened to from you guys. I have to admit when Gundy played it safe and made OU use all their timeouts but gave the ball back I was nervous. I also didn’t agree with the decision to go for 2.

I was at the game with seats directly below the OU band. I underestimated how annoying that was going to be, but the ending was worth it.

Listening to OU fans complain about officiating was comical, especially in this series. I’ve watched every Bedlam since the mid 90’s and I can promise you with 1000% certainty officiating is the last thing OU should be complaining about.


What you wrote could not have been more accurately stated.
Wish I could like this 1000 more times.

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Happy reading:

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