PFB Podcast Ep. 432: Pain At The Pylon

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Carson and Colby recap OSU’s tough loss in Arlington.

The difference between the Baylor coaches and the oSu coaches is Baylor had a plan for the players they had available. We don’t need to imagine how conservative oSu would have been playing a QB having 1.5 games experience. Instead Baylor set a record for pass completions. This was a culture loss by the oSu coaching staff. oSu offense looked like non conference before Warren started playing. The players were tremendous all year and the staff should be celebrated for exceeding expectations.

For a long time I chalked the game up to key injuries but then I looked at how many times we were close to scoring but could not punch it in. So lately I think we lost because of a combo of key injuries and poor play calling.
Yes, Kasey Dunn will return, but is he really the best fit? If I were Gundy I would tell Dunn that he just is too valuable as a WR coach. So either go back to doing that or take your services as an OC elsewhere. Go get us a great DC and a great OC and then have a great team. Criminal not to have involved Tay Martin in more plays. Like an army going into battle without using their best weapon enough.

He is not the best fit by a mile. He needs to be demoted or he can OC somewhere else until he figures out what he’s doing.