PFB Podcast Ep. 466: Laughing at the Pac-12 Commissioner

Originally published at: PFB Podcast Ep. 466: Laughing at the Pac-12 Commissioner | Pistols Firing

Reactions to Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff’s wild news conference.

During your intro, Gundy says we’ve been working on our LOGO for 18 years. If true, why weren’t we working on it when Walt Garrison or Dexter Manley or Thurman Thomas or Barry Sanders was here? Or is it that in Gundy’s world, everything begins and ends with him? Maybe there was no history of the school before Gundy.

I guess we ought to overlook his narcissistic comments and act like he came up with that in the excitement of the moment.


You are very immature, naive, and closed minded, and based off your comments you are easily 50+

You obviously were alive during that time, times are different from then and now. The sea is a different journey every day.

Yet not a lemming.

Well the current state of Oklahoma State football did start with Gundy so it does begin with him.

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15 years to have win record when we jioned the big 12. 19 year losing streak to uo. 65 years between conference titles. More big6 bowls under gundy then the whole history of osu. Yea your rite jug, we have all sort of reasons to expect more. Can you say jealous. Im sure you are a fat bald guy he thinks gundy is mean to you