PFB Podcast Ep. 480: Statement Win In Waco

Originally published at: PFB Podcast Ep. 480: Statement Win In Waco | Pistols Firing

Reaction from the Cowboys’ win in Waco.

At this point in time, we have a lot to be excited about. Yet, it’s so early in the season and this big victory is just one game. Therefore, I think the guys on the podcast were getting a little carried away with their accolades.
They forgot what Gundy tells his team, “don’t get too low, and don’t get too high”.
I think it’s interesting that Carson usually has referred to Mike Gundy as “Gundy” on previous podcasts. But now that oSu is looking pretty good so far, Carson now calls the coach, “Mike”. I have so much more respect for Coach Gundy this season mainly because I don’t see that outdated, redneck mullet.

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As Colby says up front, I thought the exact same thing. As soon as Shapen made that toss I thought it was going to be a touchdown and then Cobb just showed up out of nowhere. Huge play.